Gift puts wheels beneath needy people’s wings

More than 100 new wheelchairs have been donated to 19 beneficiaries by the honorary president of the Council of KwaZulu-Natal Jewry, John Moshal. Milton Frary, founder of the Wheelchair Foundation UK, who assisted with the donation, said: “Not too long ago, I was in Queenstown, and in this round little house, in a tiny room in which 12 people live, there is this child that we are there to give a wheelchair to.

“He is deaf, but the smile on his face is all we do this for, to make a difference in somebody’s life.” Moshal, 72, has been “giving back” since he was 12. He said this was something he had learnt from his father. The beneficiaries included special schools, old age homes and retirement centres, the Durban University of Technology’s Medical, Orthotic and Prosthetics programme and several organisations within the Jewish community.

Jennie Reddy, who received five wheelchairs on behalf of the Natal Settlers Home, said they would help some of the home’s children who have cerebral palsy. Collin Gumede, a teacher at Mason Lincoln Special School in uMlazi, received 15 wheelchairs. He said he was a former pupil at the school. Sister Brigid of Nazareth House in Mazisi Kunene (South Ridge) Road, received five wheelchairs. She said 54 elderly people lived at the home and would benefit from the chairs.