Run under the auspices of the Durban Progressive Jewish Congregation (DPJC), the Temple David Hebrew School runs weekly lessons for children aged 10 through 14 (after the celebration of Bar or Bat Mitzvah). In addition to study of the Hebrew language, the syllabus includes prayers and blessings, Shabbat and the festivals, Bible study, Jewish history, Dinim (laws) and Minhagim (customs).

The school is supported by the synagogue and attendance at religious services is obligatory for the 12 months prior to a student’s celebration of Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

The Rabbi of the Temple acts as the supervising principal of the school, responsible for syllabus preparation and implementation and for parental commitment to the requirements of the school. Through mutual affiliation with the DPJC, the CKNJ supports the positive educational influence offered by the Hebrew School.

For more information contact the Temple David office on: 031 208 6105